About us

The firm was registered in 2010 with offices in Nairobi and its growth is rising steadily. The growth in recent times has been an all time high because we have adopted a policy to admit at senior management younger indigenous persons with proven capabilities at international level.

The firm is divided into functional divisions such as Accounting, Management and Financial Consultancy, Taxation, Insolvency and Investigations, Receivership and Management for ensuring efficient services to our clients.  In addition, there is an EDP unit dealing with Computerisation of data within the Firm and word processing.

Our objectives are to provide and ensure:

i      The highest quality of professional standards to meet local and international competitive environment;

ii      A significant image of professional leadership and ethics; and

iii      A commitment for a broad spectrum of services to our clients.

The Firm’s agenda is to develop strong teams of professionals drawn from local experts through vigorous training as a basis of developing capacity to provide the required professional standards and needs in management of regional economies and business sector.  For each assignment the required mix of professionals is evaluated and availed and an appropriate work plan is developed and agreed upon with the client before commencement of any field work.



College of Agriculture & Veterinary Science, University of Nairobi
African Dryland Institute for Sustainability , University of Nairobi